It's a Question Of Balance

As we look at the different frame styles, we determine fit, blending the art of fashion with science to meet your needs. Glasses that enhance your physical features are a pleasure to wear, but they must also provide good crisp vision. Our trained opticians help you combine comfort, function, and fashion as they fit you with a frame. If a style you like does not accommodate your prescription, our opticians will help you find a suitable and attractive alternative.

How does a frame fit well?

  • Appears balanced
  • Weight of the lenses is evenly distributed on the ears and nose
  • Eyes are centered in frame and thus the eye is centered in lens
  • Bottom of frame should tilt slightly toward cheek, allowing the eye to comfortably adjust to prescription while reading
  • Frame should never rest on the cheeks

Temple length, bridge size, temple placement, depth and width of your eyes are all factors to consider in achieving a good fit which is proportioned to your facial features and well-suited to your lens prescription.

At Vision Care of Media, we strive to accomplish all of that for you!

We are happy to discuss frame cost differences, which are based on a variety of factors, including quality and manufacturing techniques. High-quality frames resist breakage and hold adjustment longer, increasing your comfort convenience.

Because vision needs, fashion preferences and lifestyles are unique, there is no "recipe" for success. When you trust our knowledge and experience, you take the first step toward selecting glasses that enhance your appearance, and improve your sight.


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