If You Are Pregnant Read This

If You Are Pregnant Important Information

Sometime during the second trimester of pregnancy, many women find their vision changes - usually for the worse. Some women become more farsighted, some more nearsighted.

The increased fluid retention throughout the body actually changes the shape 1of the eyes and with it, vision. Some women feel they need a change in their eyeglass prescription, or their contact lenses become uncomfortable, as if they no longer fit.

After delivery, as the body regains its shape, so do the eyes - and normal vision should return. Women who find those three or four months of hazier vision intolerable should see their eye doctors about changing their glasses or contact lenses.

Another cause of vision changes in pregnancy is the drop in estrogen, which decreases the moisture available to the eyes (Dry Eye Syndrome) and can lead to blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and red, burning eyes.

FUN FACT: "DID YOU KNOW that your eyes can change when you're pregnant? The cornea of your eye might thicken. It is recommended you visit your eye doctor regularly during your pregnancy"

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