The Havoc Of Blue Violet Uv Light


  • Exposure and overexposure to High Energy Visible (Blue Violet Light), a type of blue light found in natural and artificial light, can be detrimental to our eye health.
  • Today, we are surrounded by screens that appear whiter and brighter due to high concentrations of blue wavelength light, which continue to progress as LED lighting and fluorescent lighting sources prosper along with technology.

"The American Optometric Association states that if we expose our eyes to excessive amounts of harmful UV light rays, we may experience photokeratitis, that is, "sunburn to the eye"

Symptoms may include:

  • red eyes
  • extreme sensitivity to light
  • excessive tearing
  • rough sensation to the eyes

Protect your eyes by considering a pair of protective lenses to help prevent overexposure of the harmful UV rays. Ask us for more information about protective eyewear.

0WE ARE EXPOSED TO THE HARMFUL BLUE VIOLET UV LIGHT RAYS NOW MORE THAN EVER! There are recent studies that reveal blue violet light can cause retinal damage leading to macular degeneration, and may be a contributing factor to cataract formation, which is a clouding of the lens. One of the leading causes of blindness worldwide is cataracts that result from the harmful rays.

  • The optical industry continues to improve upon eye protection through innovative new treatments and lenses to shield eyes from blue violet light, but allow for some blue violet light to pass through in order for our eyes to receive the positive benefits of the light

Eyestrain is a negative effect to blue violet light. How does this occur?

  • The blue light radiates at a short wavelength that scatters and when it does, the scattering can interfere with visual contrast and increase eye fatigue

There are new anti-reflective treatments to protect against the harmful blue light and UV. A study conducted in 2011 by researchers at SUNY college of optometry found that people hold their mobile phones 2-9 inches closer than other printed material they view. We are putting our eyes in danger by holding our devices closer to our faces amplifying the amount of blue violet light we receive.

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