The Big Impact Of The Smart Phone

Did you know that overexposure of blue light affects mental alertness and overall health? In fact, due to the many screens and even mobile devices viewed regularly, humans consume more blue light than they probably should. Mobile device users can easily spend a few solid hours a day looking at such a small screen, which is where most of the blue light exposure originates from. The blue light can cause eye strain and affect one's sleep cycle.

FUN FACT: "DID YOU KNOW that in the United States, the average person will spend approximately 7 hours looking at various screens? Smartphone users may spend about 150 minutes or more on their device"

Recent studies have revealed that blue-violet light can cause retinal damage leading to Macular Degeneration and may be a contributing factor to cataract formation. The optical industry has evolved a line of protection for all eyes. Innovative new treatments and lenses have been invented to shield eyes from blue violet light. These products minimize the harmful effects of blue violet light, but also allow our eyes the positive benefits to blue light as well.

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