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"We have the ability to change our economy and to strengthen our communities one purchase at a time. American consumers have tremendous economic clout and they need to realize the importance of buying American made goods. It only takes few seconds to look at a tag or to ask a sales person if they carry any made in USA brands. Many times you’ll be surprised that there isn’t much of a price difference, and American made goods are often better quality. With every purchase we have the ability to create jobs and better opportunities for our children and grandchildren." — Don Rongione (Founder of American Made Matters)


FUN FACT: "DID YOU KNOW that the average American consumer is willing to pay up to 60% more for U.S. made products?"

(Born in the USA by Barbara Thau)


There are many reasons to buy Made in USA. Developing nations utilize sweatshop labor, have little or no safety standards, and have no environmental regulations. Buying items that are Made in USA strengthens our economy, builds our manufacturing sector, helps protect our families from products contaminated with toxic chemicals, and minimizes exploitation of third world countries.

Economy:  Buying a larger percentage products Made in USA helps stimulate the economy through the creation of new jobs, reinvestment of our money and creates a demand for more companies to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.

Labor: When products are made overseas there is little to no regulation of working conditions. Sweatshops practice child labor, forced labor and other human rights violations. Buying products Made in USA is a good way to avoid supporting the still harmful labor effects and conditions we still see today.

Environment: Most countries manufacturing goods for sale in the USA do not have environmental protections laws, or they are not enforced. Companies that keep their manufacturing in the US are subject to EPA regulations to help protect the land, air and water. Additionally, a Made in USA product’s carbon footprint is smaller because it has less distance to travel.

Safety: Items made in China have become infamous for massive safety recalls. Products Made in USA are tested and inspected for safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This helps protect our families from dangers posed by toxins, health risks and safety hazards.

Community: Buying locally strengthens our communities. Supporting local shops helps promote the work of local craftsmen, small business owners and the future of manufacturing in America. When purchasing goods made closer to home, a larger percentage of profits are reinvesting in the community they are sold in.

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