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We take pride in offering American manufactured eyeglasses such as Randolph, American Eyewear, and Kala.

We are happy to support American jobs by selling Made in the USA Frames and Accessories. We are dedicated to providing our patients with quality products and spending American dollars on American products.


Randolph Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1972 by Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski. They began their business by manufacturing the Mil-Spec Aviator sunglass for the United States Air Force which expanded in the 1980s into the commercial sunglass sector. This expansion was due to civilians learning of the quality of the sunglasses through military channels. Randolph has been making sunglasses for the US military and air forces for well over 40 years. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper, and Amy Adams have all been spotted wearing Randolph sunglasses. 


American Optical, first known as AO Heritage, began as early as 1826 when William Beecher, a jeweler, observed a pair of shamefully imported spectacles. Beecher felt he could do a much better job with the spectacles and that is exactly what he did. Throughout the two World Wars, American Optical provided U.S. troops with optical eyewear. As a result of American Optical’s tremendous contribution to the War Effort, the company was presented with the Army-Navy “E” award for their dedication to the cause.

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BUY LOCAL! Philly EyeWorks designs its frames just a few miles away in the great city of Philadelphia. They color, sandblast and finish their frames in Philly. Customers can expect slight variances in the colors because each frame is colored individually, by hand, making each pair of Philly EyeWorks a one-of-a-kind work of art. They also proudly hire locals and pay living wages to their employees.

Kala Eyewear has been making acetate frames for over 25 years. They set high standards when it comes to quality. Many of their frames have a vintage inspiration with a modern twist. Styles range from the perfect round to off square, with various color options. All plastic Kala Eyewear frames are handmade in California.

American Eyewear manufactures American Dream and Madison Montgomery. American Eyewear was founded in 2014 as a young, family-owned company. There are a variety of styles with a number of color options in their unisex line, American Dream. Madison Montgomery is a line for woman, with a focus on creating a confidence boost by designing frames that can help create a more youthful look. Flattering feminine shapes and the use light reflection on the eyes are hallmarks of this line. Madison Montgomery and American Dream frames are manufactured in Nashville, Tennessee.

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When he took over the family eyewear business in 2010 after his father's passing, Scott, along with longtime business partner Jerry Wolowicz, realized that the timing was right to evolve the company. So they set out on a mission to learn how to bring the process of manufacturing high-quality frames back to America. On a parallel path, Marc Frenchi and Jason Stanley had already begun their own quest to manufacture eyewear in the United States. The two cousins had even come so far as to teach themselves the craft - researching machinery and techniques from around the world - and building their own factory in Ventura, California. After a chance meeting, and an instant bond over shared goals and values, their impending partnership was obvious. Alan J was born and bred from their passion of pursuing the American Dream and represents a union of like-minded ideas. But mostly, it’s about putting people first. “You have to care about people more than anything else,” says Scott. “We would literally get nowhere without our people.”

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