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Proof Eyewear was founded in 2011, but its roots can be traced back to as early as the 1960s when a sawmill was built in southern Utah by Bud Dame. Proof carries frames made from wood materials that are FSC-certified and cotton that is 100% renewable, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic. Proof Eyewear's logo represents the belief that, "Everyone has wings to fly, some just need a little help." Featured frames include: Wood collection, Eco collection, and Skate collection.


ECO: Born Recycled is a line created by Alessandro Lenaro, the founder of MODO Eyewear. "Look good. Feel good. Do good." is Modo Eyewear's motto, which is evident in the work the company does to promote sustainability and social responsibility. They "Feel Good" because 95% percent of the material used to make the eyewear is recycled or made of non-petroleum plastic. 63% of the ECO Eyewear is made of sustainable, non-polluting castor seeds. The "Do Good" part is the company participating in a "One Frame One Tree" program. They partner with NGO Trees to plant a tree for every frame sold. The "Look Good" part is enjoyed by the patient who can enjoy their lightweight and modern frame styles, many of which are now available with fashionable magnetic sunclips. 


The ONE collection comes in various styles, sizes, and colors. This Eco Friendly collection follows the buy one, give one philosophy because every time a frame is purchased a tree is planted.

David Green eyewear

Designer David Green has a passion for the environment. Each pair of handcrafted David Green eyewear contains a unique fingerprint created by the incorporation of a fallen leaf or reed within the natural cotton based acetate adding additional style to the design and exacting finishes. David Green frames deliver a true statement of craftsmanship and style while communicating an educated message of support for the preservation of the world we inhabit. David Green frames are contemporary, discreetly stylish and present an understated elegance. With global trends moving towards ‘green’ awareness, David Green continues to pioneer environmentally responsible design. All designs are from Cape Town.

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